A.I.R.T. technology is based on RADIANCE measurements of Near InfraRed (NIR) and Mid InfraRed (MIR) radiation, i.e. roughly between 0.5 µm and about 6 µm.

Most industrial pyrometers infer temperature from the radiance they measure at 1 or 2 wavelengths (or rather: wavebands). The limited information provided by these 1 or 2 wavebands often does not result in temperature data of acceptable accuracy, let alone in the measurement of other process variables like flowrate.

A.I.R.T. supplies rugged pyrometers and spectrophotometers that measure at many different wavebands, thus yielding a massive amount of precious data about the target metal.

All of this information is consequently processed by a powerful industrial computer, through the application of advanced algorithms and signal conditioning and resulting in the calculation of one or more of a number of process variables like

  • Temperature
  • Flowrate or Throughput
  • Composition
  • Surface Condition

The abovementioned algorithms are particularly good at compensating for erratic emissivity behavior of the target metal and for background reflections. They also allow measurements from a large distance and through interferences like flames, sparklers, smoke and dust.

A.I.R.T. offers a wide choice of accessories for operation in hostile environments (Water Cooling, Fiber Optics, ...).

Now let us impress you with our application knowledge: